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Whether you are growing your business or handing your hard work on to future generations, we build all-encompassing, tailor-made wealth strategies robust enough to deal with whatever the future holds in store. For nine generations, Heinfield has been helping clients to build their businesses, shape the lives they want and forge the legacies they seek.

Preserve and Protect Your Wealth

A successful legacy is built on getting two things right: how your wealth is structured and how your family is involved. With our care and experience in planning and governance, you can be assured that your legacy will be handed on seamlessly.


The way in which you hold your wealth and the tax and legal implications of your circumstances are as critical your long-term financial success as your choice of investments.

The years since the global financial crisis have seen radical changes in the legal and tax environment worldwide. Navigating the enormous number of regulations introduced both nationally and internationally can be challenging, but it is still possible to hold wealth and ensure that it is passed on as efficiently as possible. 

Heinfield’s wealth planning service can help you assess your situation and review whether your current arrangements are adequate to meet your objectives – for you, and for future generations. Working with our trusted network of external specialists, we can analyse your legal, tax situation and review your options.


Legal and Tax Guidance

We can assist in many different situations, depending on your wishes and the complexity of your circumstances – whether it is simply understanding the taxation of your investment portfolio, or acquiring, restructuring or selling a business. 

Our expertise also extends to investing in real estate, gifts and inheritances, cross-border succession planning and establishing charitable structures.

Trusts and Foundations

Life Insurance

Investment Companies and Investment Funds


Money is no more than a means to an end – the means to achieve your goals in life. 

Before Heinfield begins to discuss investment solutions with you, our first step will be to understand your family objectives.


A Family Wealth Strategy

When dealing with family wealth, a strategy is needed if it is to be protected and enhanced from generation to generation. Your family’s aims must first be defined, taking into account that sometimes conflicting desires of members with different ages, attitudes and objectives in life. All components of your family wealth need to be integrated – human, intellectual and social, as well as financial.

Preparation for Key Family Events



Together we can define a growth strategy that works for you. It must reflect your ambitions and priorities, and the degree to which you want to be involved. Tailored to suit you, we offer the investment expertise and careful execution that have kept the fortunes of our clients growing for centuries.


Once we have understood your objectives, Heinfield’s investment specialists will help you translate them into an investment strategy and propose a strategic asset allocation to achieve your goals.


You can delegate the investment of your wealth – in whole or part – to Heinfield investment experts who will select investments in line with your strategic assets allocation to achieve your objectives.

Discretionary mandates can be invested in multi-asset classic portfolios according to specific investment profiles, multi-asset portfolios with a more flexible approach or single-asset class portfolios for specific purposes. We also offer two types of discretionary mandate for larger fortunes. Clients who choose discretionary mandates will receive regular reports that allow them to monitor results and – if necessary – question performance. This choice demands the least intervention by clients, leaving most of the work to Heinfield’s experts.

One important decision made by our investment experts with multi-asset portfolios is the strategic asset allocation which translates your long-term risk/return objectives into a diversified portfolio that aims to achieve them. However, returns in many previously high-performing asset classes have diminished over recent years, and this is expected to continue for another ten years.

Because of this, Heinfield has expanded the set of investment opportunities considered when drawing up a strategic asset allocation to have the option of including private assets in portfolios, which can boost returns for investors with appropriate risk profiles.


In our role as trusted Wealth Management Partner, our core activity consists in accompanying you throughout the lifecycle of the investment process, leaving you the flexibility to define your degree of involvement.

While you decide the scope of advice, interaction and monitoring, our solutions shelf has been designed to ensure that you understand and are comfortable with the investment strategy and decision discussed


Clear, comprehensive oversight and a coherent operational platform simplify your financial life. Our consolidated reporting, digital tools and banking services can help you monitor your investments easily and stay in control.


Heinfield’s custody services, top-ranked in international surveys, simplify the safeguarding of your assets, while our reporting system can keep you informed about their performance.


Once investment decisions are made, trade execution can maximise investors’ returns. 

Heinfield offers access to every type of investment in the market and preferred access to closed investment pools. Our dealing rooms in Singapore, London, Geneva, and Montreal provide round-the-clock access to all major international markets and asset classes, ensuring first-class access to liquidity.


Heinfield provides flexible credit solutions which leverage existing assets to meet your individual financing requirements and achieve your investment goals.

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